Seller Tips

Hire a Real Estate Professional

Not every seller HAS to hire a real estate professional to sell their home. But if you have made it this far, your household probably doesn’t have the organizing skills, objective aesthetic sensibilities, comfort with negotiating and contracting, and the extra time it requires to sell your homes yourselves.

Studies show that, on average, home sellers who use a real estate professional to represent them get a better price than those who sell the home themselves.  In short, this is because we are able to add experience, negotiating skills, and objective facts to the situation –facts about market pricing and facts about what turns buyers off and what buyers are looking for.

Before Your Home Is Listed

It’s important to have your home in good showing condition before buyers start going through it. Here are some steps to take:

  • Touch up interior and exterior paint as needed.
  • Install new carpeting and flooring if it appears worn or dated.
  • Make sure the front is clean and spruced up – curb appeal will create a favorable first impression.
  • Trim bushes and plants as needed, and make sure the lawn is kept mowed and trimmed. In autumn, rake the leaves; in winter, keep the snow shoveled.
  • Keep the interior clean, de cluttered and odor-free. Eliminate evidence of pets.
  • Minimize personal items such as family photos. You want buyers to see themselves living in the home.
  • Consider putting excess furniture and belongings in storage. Now’s the time to clean out the garage and basement and sell, give away or throw away items you don’t need anymore.
  • Consider engaging a professional stager to give your home the right emotional appeal.

During the Listing Period

When potential buyers visit your home, either be absent or, if you must be there, make yourself as inconspicuous as possible. If possible, have fresh flowers in the entryway. It makes for a friendly introduction into your home. If offers are made that don’t match your hoped for price, don’t reject them out of hand. Pay attention to your agent’s advice. Consider dropping the price if a too much time goes by with few or no offers, so your listing doesn’t get stale. If you and your agent have priced your home properly from the start, this shouldn’t be necessary, but the market can be fickle from one month to another so sometimes adjustments are necessary based on supply and demand.

More tips

For more tips call us at (608) 284-9311 and set up an in-home listing appointment.  Unlike other real estate agents,  we never require, or even ask that you sign a contract the same day you see it.