For Sale — Historic Sanctuary in the City!

Our most recent listing comes with a cool story that I have to tell.  A couple years ago, we helped someone relocating to Madison buy a house. He wanted a fixer-upper. Our client,

420 Russell Walk BEFORE

420 Russell Walk BEFORE

an architect, saw the potential in this beaten-down bungalow. It was designed by the first female architect in Madison, Cora Tuttle, but had been rather neglected . . . . To add to the excitement of the discovery, this diamond in the rough was hiding in plain sight! I had lived on the near east side for 22 years and never walked by it. This early Craftsman Bungalow is just a half a block off Gorham street on a pedestrian only “walk,” making it possible to live half a block away from the bus stop with no traffic noise! (Also, 1 block from the lake, 2 blocks to the park and 3 blocks to the grocery, restaurant, and coffee shops!)



Anyway our client, as a labor of love, spent two years meticulously restoring every detail of the character and woodwork of his new found home. He even put new ropes in the windows where the ropes had broken (yes you can do that!). He got professionals to do the really crucial stuff like putting on a new roof, taking out the old knob and tube electrical wiring, and restoring the fireplace and chimney.  He also contracted for the remodels of the kitchen and 1 full bathrooms.

And after all that he had to relocate for work!  (Don’t cry, he relocated to Hawaii.) But its still heartbreaking for him and we have assured him we will find a buyer who appreciates what he has done! For more information, check out our listing!

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