Satisfied CustomersWe thoroughly enjoyed working with Darcy. She is smart, efficient, a good advocate, and really knows how to make things happen. We received an offer within a week of listing, and we closed on our house at 97% of our asking price in about two months. This was at a time when many people were having trouble even getting showings. We recommend her very highly. – Mrill and Ken


Peggy got us into the perfect house. It didn’t take long for her to learn our likes and dislikes, and it took less than two weeks for us to have an accepted offer on a house. All of the showings she set up for us were houses that fit on our wish list, and none were a waste of time. We will not hesitate to refer friends or neighbors to you. but that just means you are great at your job!  –Linda


Darcy was an invaluable resource for our long distance needs. She quickly tracked down new listings and fervently checked details for us. Her knowledge of our target neighborhood was encyclopedic. Her negotiations brought a human face to what we feared would be a cold business transaction. There is no way we could have completed this journey without such a skillful guide – thanks so much to you Darcy!
– Alison and Bill


Peggy was very intelligent and confident  and we felt very comfortable working with her. All the communication with the sellers was timely and efficient, and she helped make the entire process smooth and stress-free. My only complaint is that our time together was so short!  —Theran


We purchased two rental properties through Darcy and Solidarity Realty. She is very knowledgeable, honest, and patient. I would highly recommend Darcy to anyone looking to buy property in the Madison area. – Lora Schmid-Dolan


I just wanted to thank you for all you did to help us buy our house. We are moving in tomorrow and are very happy. Thanks to you! – Heather and David


Darcy is the best damn realtor in the world. She is smart, funny, caring and put up with my ridiculous questions and worries. We could not have asked for a better person to be in our corner. – Jamie and Kevin


I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was to work with you, and we really appreciate everything you did, especially your patience with us.:) – Sue and Darin


We loved working with Darcy, relied on her advice, appreciated her availability and dedication, as well as the fact that as we looked at more houses and shifted some of our original ideas on what we wanted, she worked with that easily.
Michelle and Steve


Thank you for helping us find our home. Your team made the entire process kind of fun, and as painless as we could have imagined. If we decide to move again, we will definitely call you first and will be referring you to our friends. – Emily & Bryan


Darcy was actually the 3rd agent we considered when beginning to look at homes in Madison. Finally, we found who we were looking for. Darcy really took the time up front to understand what elements we were looking for in a new house. We also had a lot of fun looking at homes with Darcy. I was almost disappointed when we had an accepted offer because it meant no more exploring houses with Darcy. I would whole heartedly recommend Darcy to my friends or colleagues, just as she was recommended without reservation to me.
– Elaine and Jim


I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and support with our NSP project. I can’t speak highly enough of the time, attention, and commitment you brought to a convoluted purchase, and it was a huge relief to know that the details were being so conscientiously attended to. This is going to be a lovely project, and I’m glad you were able to play such a crucial part!
– Michael Carlson
Madison Community Land Trust


You really are a godsend… I can’t thank you enough for working this all out for me.
– Peter


Darcy puts the “real” back in realtor. She has so much authenticity and integrity, it was a pleasure to work with her.
– Sandy and Mary


Darcy is the best! She should get some merit award for above and beyond duties ever performed by a realtor.
– Anita


When Patrick and I started looking to buy our first house, we viewed the process methodically and dispassionately. Darcy was more than helpful in explaining the ins and outs of home buying every step of the way. She seemed to enjoy showing us houses as much as we liked viewing them, and we saw more than 20 looking for the right one. When the ‘right one’ fell through at the last moment, Darcy had another suggestion the next morning. Despite our original intentions to make this an unemotional decision, we knew absolutely that this was the home for us. Helpful, patient, and full of tough negotiating advice, Darcy was instrumental in helping us become homeowners.
– Patrick and Jesse


I found Darcy to be knowledgeable, responsive, straight-forward and honest. She not only provided timely answers, but she also asked great questions so she could better understand my needs. She was very informative, frequently raising considerations that had not thought of, or pointing out things I had not seen. Her professionalism allowed me to make the best decisions for me. I would work with Darcy again and will recommend her to others.
– Doug