GOTV at Solidarity Realty

Hey Neighbors, Let’s Get Out the Vote for Mary Burke!

As you know, at Solidarity Realty, we don’t try to hide our fierce opposition to the Walker regime and everything it stands for. To this end, last weekend we donated our facilities and our time to the “dry run” of the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort for Mary Burke. It was a great experience to see our friends and neighbors come to volunteer their time.  Due to the generous donation of our neighbors’ time, the Madison Isthmus Neighborhood Team (MINT) not only met but exceeded its goals for contacts made on the Isthmus.

Some folks feel that working doors on the Isthmus is not productive, its like “preaching to the choir.”  But as MINT’s fearless GOTV director, Jesse Holst, responds, “we still need to make sure the choir gets to the polls.” Because the wards MINT is working on have such a high percentage of democrats, it makes sense to remind them to vote.  We do skip the doors of the few known Republicans or anyone with a Scott Walker sign. Unfortunately, past election numbers tell us there are plenty of folks on the Isthmus that may miss their opportunity to vote without some encouragement and/or reminder. And remember, in a statewide election, every vote counts!

November 1st-4th, Solidarity Realty at 1148 Williamson Street will again be the staging ground for Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) in our neighborhood, and once again we need our neighbors to give us a couple hours of their time (many folks like it so much they come back for more!.) Please stop by our office in the meantime and sign up for a shift if you can – having people sign up in advance gives MINT an idea of the people power we have so we know how many doors we can hit and plan accordingly. However, if you haven’t signed up in advance don’t let that stop you from just dropping in to volunteer when you find yourself a couple hours of free time:

Sat, Nov.1st: 9am, Noon, 3pm, and/or 6pm shifts

(sometime in between shifts is also okay if you need to do that)

Sun, Nov.2nd: Noon, 3pm, and/or 6pm

Monday, Nov. 3rd: 9am, Noon, 3pm and/or 6pm

Tuesday the 4th: 8am, 11am, 2pm, and/or 5pm

For details and questions, please call MINT GOTV Director Jesse Holst at (608) 215-1059.

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