Why do I need an agent if I’m buying a home?
You should have your own buyer’s agent, separate from a home’s listing agent, to ensure that someone is representing only you. At Solidarity Realty, LLC, we will negotiate on your behalf, anticipate problems, and tell you the truth. We are not interested in getting you into a home that doesn’t make sense for you. The best part is that on over 99% of all cases, it won’t cost you anything — the fee is paid by the listing agent simply splitting his or her commission to pay the buyer’s agent.  But BEWARE: you cannot hire a buyer’s agent to represent you in buying a property after you have already seen it with a listing agent (except in an open house). After a listing agent has shown you the property themselves, they no longer have to share their commission with a buyer’s agent.  So, do it right and hire a buyer’s agent right from the beginning. It will save you a lot of time and stress.