A Year In Solar!

5830 Watt Solar System

Solar panels on the roof of 1148 Williamson Street

Last month, Solidarity Realty celebrated its 1st anniversary with a solar system on the roof of our office building! Having reviewed the numbers after one year, we are proud to report that our solar panels produced more than twice as much energy as we used! (Don’t tell MG&E or they may financially punish us for underestimating our energy use by lowering the price they pay to buy back the electricity)!
It turns out, we used 3.12 MWh of electricity and we generated 6.39MWh on a system designed to generate 5.8MWh/ year; in other words,we saved 9, 705lbs of C02 emissions, which is like planting 249 trees.We would like to thank Kurt Reinhold of Solar Connections for connecting us with Rik Rosenlund of Midwest Solar Power who did an amazing installation that exceeded expectations AND withstood a tornado! We would also like to thank the sun for being so extra generous this year.:)
Solidarity Realty also invests a portion of its profits locally to help get solar panels on the houses of people who can’t afford the upfront cost. We connect with them through Solar Connections, lend them the money for the panels, and they repay the loan monthly with the savings they get on their electric bill. For more information on how you can buy Solar Bonds through the new Legacy Solar Co-op to support more solar in our neighborhood, just contact Kurt Reinhold at (608) 957-6801 or at Kurt@solconnections.com



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