Solidarity Realty

SOLAR POWER IS UP AND RUNNING AT 1148 Williamson Street!!

We are excited to be able to diminish our carbon footprint!

Solidarity Realty is a local, independent realty firm that provides outstanding service while adhering to its core values of social justice, environmental sustainability, and consumer protection.  We firmly stand behind the people of Wisconsin and our quality of life and against Walker's attempt to dismantle all that we value to appease his billionaire cronies.

What makes Solidarity Realty an “Alternative?”

The #1 complaint we hear from friends and colleagues who have had bad experiences with previous realtors is that they felt the realtor was not really working in their best interest.  Rather, they felt the realtor was just in it to close another deal, and so they didn’t feel they could trust their realtor.

At Solidarity Realty, we take our obligation to represent your best interests extremely seriously.  In fact, we do not ever attempt to “be neutral” and represent both sides. We don’t think that is ethically possible.

With us, you are assured that an honest, knowledgeable, patient and experienced advocate will be representing your best interests in your next real estate transaction. 

Moreover, unlike many of our colleagues, we don’t give any money or otherwise support Governor Walker’s campaign and actively engage to oppose the WRA’s support of Governor Walker and his war on the working class. 

What is an EcoBroker? 

 An Ecobroker is a real estate professional who has taken additional energy and environmental training to better meet the needs of environmentallly-conscious buyers and sellers. They are trained to help their clients take advantage of energy efficiency and environmentally sensitive design and assist them in their pursuit of properties that provide affordability, comfort, and a healthier environment. For more information please visit this page.